Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Life I Imagine

Every now and again, usually by accident, I have a day in the life of the kind of life I would like to have every day. Today was one such:

-First, on a rather momentous note, Spangles and I signed our lease!!! We are now contractually obligated to move into our beautiful new place come July!

-I made good headway on some work on a beautiful day while sitting in a coffee shop watching the world go by. It's always nice to feel like an effective human being in a pleasant location.

-The Twin called me and we caught up a little, which was lovely (although some lily-livered cur stole her bike wheel today)

-I poked around in the thrift store and purchased a couple celebratory knickknacks for cheap.

-Spangles and I went and got tofu hoagies and then ate them in Clark Park, when we randomly ran into two of my favorite people, let's call them Smiley and Squeak.

-Smiley, in addition to being an all-round good guy, also had just the info I needed relating to a project I've been whimsying about in my head for a while. A most fortuitous coincidence.

-We sat there and chatted and joked throughout the golden hours, watching the dogs jump and the kids play soccer and the tree leaves flutter. What a day.

The unexpected gift of a lovely day. To whom it may concern: thank you!

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