Monday, September 20, 2010

What Is This Blog About?

The Twin requested that I update my blog. I know that when I see a new one of hers I feel a sweet, sparkly rush of anticipation, and I do want to reciprocate.

But, The Twin's blog has a subject matter (her classroom), and new material is generated daily. For me, the slow but not unwelcome plodding of routine often leaves me feeling as if I don't have much to say. 'Nother day 'nother dollar.

When I started this blog I thought it was about my interest in positive psychology. But now I'm thinking it might just be about my interest in my own positive psychology. And negative psychology. Etc.

I want to have a topic, but what is it? Is it inspiration, and how we get inspired? Is it happiness, creativity, progress, life, our collective human bumbling toward greater insight and understanding? Searching for answers/meaning/delicious snacks? A random place to unload my thoughts? An insipid trend?

What is this blog about? What am I all about?

In blogging and in life, I am searching for a subject.