Sunday, October 3, 2010

No Dull Boys Here

A beautiful day. Waffles with strawberries in the backyard, crisp, cold, fall-like weather. Spangles and I went for a hike and I was reminded of the phrase from CD Wright: the trees true me. A comment on the web site described them as cathedral trees. They were.

As Spangles said this morning "I should do work all day, but spiritually, I need to go hiking."

And this afternoon when we got back, we both sat down mildly, without a fuss, to work on things that needed working on. Which is better, I think, than working half-martyred, sulking and staring out the window at the beautiful day, checking the internet, skulking into the kitchen for an unnecessary snack, turning on the TV "just for a minute".

Everybody needs to take themselves for a spin sometimes. Working is easier for me when I feel I've played.

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