Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Like a Madeline Cookie

Last night at the gym Antiques Roadshow: Salt Lake City was on. I have loved AR ever since I first moved into my apartment and, inexplicably, it seemed it was the only show that was on the only channel that came through. I learned to love it, and it wasn't hard.

Anyway, there was this one very old lady on it who had some sort of extremely old book of importance to Mormonism that she had brought in that her grandaddy had taken with him on the boat to America or something like that. The white haired lady sat very modestly and quietly while the rare books guy went through it bit by bit. In the end told her that it was worth like 50,000 dollars - I couldn't wait to see this lady's response. Do you know what she said?: "Oh." And then when he pressed her for a reaction, like, "what do you think of that?" she said "I guess I should take better care of it then."

Something about her understated reaction just reminded me so much of Grandpa. Except he might've added a "mercy sakes" in there somewhere, too. I miss that wacky guy.

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